Right to question faith school’s approach to Bible... but the majority is not always right

MR Jones is certainly with the current majority establishment view when he questions the faith school’s approach to the Bible (August 16).

And of course he is right to recommend that parents should carefully search to find the best schools for their children’s education.

But it might be worth remembering that minorities do not have a monopoly on getting things wrong. The majority is not always right.

If the school also teaches children to think about what they accept and why, rather than swallowing the conventional line, then it would be a good thing.

It is worth considering that speculations about origins and everyday science such as physics, chemistry and biology are very different things. A glance at a website such as AnswersinGenesis.org might be useful on that point.

You may also want to watch:

Lastly a word about the “infallible” Google. I use it as a valuable reference tool, but looking for opinions about individuals will usually provide the normal range of human comments from good to bad.

I don’t think many people would like their character to be assessed by what people say about them on the internet.

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