Road closure mystery: Anglian Water insists work was carried out on Ely Road, Queen Adelaide during closure despite claims from residents

Queen Adelaide road closure.

Queen Adelaide road closure. - Credit: Archant

Anglian Water has insisted work did take place after residents claimed that Ely Road in Queen Adelaide was closed all day yesterday for no reason.

A spokesman confirmed today (August 5) that the road surface was repaired following claims from residents who said no work had been carried out despite the road being closed until 8pm.

They said: “We were asked to return to Ely Road to complete a permanent repair to road following a leak repair.

“We closed the road yesterday afternoon and replaced the tarmac. The road closure remained in place until the tarmac had set and was lifted that evening. We are very sorry if this work caused some disruption for residents.”

The road closure had caused confusion in the area, as many motorists were forced to follow a diversion despite no obvious signs of work taking place.

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Former Cambridge City Councillor and leading Lib Dem Rupert Moss-Eccardt lives nearby, and says that he didn’t see any work being carried out.

“They closed the road but did no work,” he said. “I rang Anglian Water last night and they struggled to explain what was going on.

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“They even struggled to find the job against which the closure was booked – the number was from work done earlier this year.

“Looking at the board I think the closure was for reinstating the surface after the last time they fixed the main. That reinstatement has already been done once but clearly not very well.”

Another resident, who lives in Prickwillow, took to Facebook to express their confusion, saying: “Does anyone know why and for how long there is a diversion at Queen Adelaide Norwich line railway crossing? The road was not even dug up tonight, just diversion signs in the middle of the road.

“It is so frustrating when you live in Prickwillow, then have to travel all the way round via Littleport to get back to the other side of the railway line.”

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