Road safety campaigners hold high impact day in Fenland

ROAD safety campaigners held a high impact day in Fenland this morning to raise awareness about the dangers of speeding.

Parents and children arriving at Guyhirn Primary School were handed leaflets by Rob Mitchell, Fenland District Council’s safer Fenland partnership support officer, while ‘Speedwatch’ teams monitored passing motorists’ speed.

The council’s ‘Guyhirn Impact Day’ was supported by local residents, PCSOs, councillors and council staff as well as road safety supporters including newly-elected district councillor Gavin Booth - who is also chairman of the Fenland Rural Road Safety Action Network - and Graham Chappell, organiser of The Fenland Road Safety Campaign (Charlotte’s Way).

Plans were also confirmed to support residents wishes for the speed limit in Guyhirn’s Gull Road to be reduced from the current 60mph limit to 40mph.

However, a petition signed by over 150 local residents wishing to reduce the speed limit on Guyhirn High Road from 40mph to 30mph - and 20mph outside the village’s primary school - still hasn’t been presented to the local Area Joint Committee after two meetings were cancelled.

Campaigners expect to be present the petition at the next scheduled meeting on July 8.

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