Rob has a natural ability to help dogs with behavioural issues

I first met Rob Phipps about six years ago in his Pet Shop, when I went and took advice on my hyperactive dog.

He took time to listen, gave advice and even took my dog out for a walk.

His advice was very good and ever since he has been a bit of guru for me and all my friends on our dog problems.

When we discovered he was helping rescue dogs and was looking for volunteers, we naturally offered to help.

During the time we have worked with the dogs, we have watched and wondered at the natural ability Rob holds when working with dogs. He makes it all seem very natural and I don’t know a dog that doesn’t love him.

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He has made many personal sacrifices over the last few months - I have known him to drive backwards and forwards to Wisbech after 10pm looking to find a dead dog that was on the side of the A47.

Whilst over there once, his van broke down and had to be towed back home at large financial cost to himself. But he didn’t care - he was helping a dog.

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He has driven all over the country late at night to collect dogs. But he never moans.

Many of these dogs had behavioural problems, which is why no other rescue centre would help - the difference in those dogs after a few days with Rob is amazing.

One of our current dogs, Trigger, has been in my experience the saddest case of neglect and starvation I have seen over the years. He was so scared, wouldn’t eat and was a sorry state.

We worked with him, showed him love and slowly he became reassured we wouldn’t hurt him.

He has now been with us three weeks and is now a happy (if still a bit underweight) member of the group and loves his walks with all the other dogs.

We get together as a community and try to help dogs, for March and the villages, Rob is the ‘go to’ guy for help, advise and he genuinely adores these dogs.

Two of the dogs who were not taken by the RSPCA have been short-term fostered by one of our volunteers to allow Rob to continue to fight to get the dogs back.

They went to see Rob on Monday last week and were delighted to see him. Seeing this reunion made several of the volunteers cry, as it made them see the bond that this man and these rescue dogs really have.

The dogs truly adore Rob for saving them.


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