Rob has done amazing work turning badly behaved dogs into family friendly pets

I am disgusted with the actions taken on JJ Rescue.

As a community we are appalled as these dogs were walked several times a day with the help from the community volunteering.

I was a loyal customer at The Pet Shop warehouse as I own my own pets. On many occasions I spoke to Rob Phipps and I do not know anyone more caring and passionate about dogs.

There was not one unhealthy, distressed or badly treated animal at the warehouse. They were all a good weight.

I also follow The Pet Shop’s Facebook page and would read about how the dogs were getting on. There were posts about the daily dog walking and how successful it was, thus allowing the dogs good exercise.

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We as a community (and I say we as I am speaking for many others) support this rescue as it took in unwanted dogs that had nowhere else to go. If JJ Rescue did not take them in, they would be put to sleep.

Rob has done amazing work, dedicating much training and time turning badly behaved dogs into to family friendly pets.

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I hope the RSPCA sees sense and returns the dogs to where they belong! Also, I will no longer support the RSPCA as it does not seem to take into account the best interests and needs for the dogs.


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