Rob is a natural when it comes to helping dogs and should be helped, not hindered, by the RSPCA

Like everyone who knows Rob Phipps, I was appalled at the way he’s been treated by the removal of his rescue dogs from his pet shop.

I rescued my first seriously abused pony at 13 (I’m now 44) and have seen many horse and dog trainers in my time. Rob is a natural and should be helped not hindered.

The RSPCA would have been better rallying round to help raise funds for him not potentially setting the dogs back emotionally by removing them and placing them in kennels.

My rescue bull terriers are difficult cases, ranging from living for years chained up to having been beaten by their previous owners, and have taken years of hard work after suffering terrible abuse.

I first met Rob in connection with a very difficult case. I’d been asked by a bull breed rescue charity to meet Rob to discuss him helping a couple of dogs that were in kennels but had no chance of being rehomed, as they were very nervous.

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I hate to say it, but without Rob throwing them a lifeline they had no future.

We met at the kennels in Stoke-on-Trent to be greeted by the kennel staff who finally managed to get a collar and lead on the dogs and out they came.

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I can only describe the bitch as being beyond terrified but in his calm, kind and reassuring manner Rob managed to handle both dogs enough to load them into our waiting vehicles.

I took the male to an interim kennel that had a larger exercise area and an experienced owner and the female went with Rob to meet his pack.

I am very keen on horses being helped by their herd and dogs being helped by their pack and wow did Rob and his established pack work their magic on that broken soul.

She went from looking like she’d been dropped to earth from a spaceship to being calm within 48 hours.

The dogs are gradually introduced to the pack from the security of their dog crate and a slip lead is left loose but on the dog in case of any problems until Rob is confident they have made significant enough progress to be out all of the time.

Crates are a key tool for a huge percentage of not only rescued dogs but ‘normal’ dogs too as they provide the dog with a safe place they can retreat to when needed.

I only hope all of the dogs are returned to Rob incredibly soon as there might be dogs like the one he has from Stoke that could be seriously affected by the whole thing.


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