Rob is not the same without the dogs - he has the support of a massive community

Rob Phipps has done a brilliant job looking after these dogs.

I only heard about him and started volunteering for him just before Christmas but I loved every second of it.

Rob dedicates his time to looking after these dogs and they get walked as many as four times a day by volunteers like myself or Rob and his employees.

These dogs are all rescue dogs that have been abandoned, neglected, beaten or mistreated and are in need of a good home. Some of them are dogs that the RSPCA has turned down because of lack of space.

The dogs had a good home with Rob at the warehouse as he spent about £50 a day on dog food and loads more on microchipping, snipping/spaying, grooming and vaccinating them so that they can be given a new home.

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I fell in love with helping these dogs and some day hope that I can have a rescue like Rob’s where no dog gets turned down.

He even went out on Christmas Day for a rescue and loads of volunteers turned up to help walk the dogs. They were never neglected or unloved and never without anything they needed because Rob was always there for them every day of the week.

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Walking these dogs, you can clearly see Rob’s love for the dogs and the dogs’ love for Rob.

One dog called Bullseye was raised by Rob and he is the most gentle creature you could meet. I have walked this one dog once and he bounded towards Rob at the first chance he got.

In all these dogs you can see the love for him and anyone could see that these dogs have never been happier than they were with Rob. Volunteers like myself love these dogs and love what Rob does for them.

It’s sad to see what they are like when they are first brought in but once he has spent a few days with them, they are visibly happier and on the mend.

The dogs had a lovely home at the warehouse and were treated well.

I would do anything to get Rob’s dogs back to him as he is not the same without them. He has a massive community supporting him and I wouldn’t want anything more than to see them back with him as soon as possible.


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