Rob should become chief executive of RSPCA to take it back to its roots

Prior to Rob Phipps starting this rescue, he ran The Pet Shop.

But the difference between this and a normal pet shop was that it was also like a free advice service.

Anyone with any problems, concerns, training issues, feeding issues were always advised to ‘go see Rob in The Pet Shop’. Rob was always available to help both people and their pets.

I know he is a qualified behaviourist, but he has always gone way beyond this. He arranged work parties to help clear an elderly customer’s garden when her husband was ill in hospital and she was struggling to cope.

This is the type of person he is, a very community minded, approachable, helpful man. There should be more like Rob.

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Bearing the above in mind, it came as no surprise to hear that when he moved into the warehouse he decided to start his own small rescue.

This is much needed as all other ‘rescues’ are full, turning away healthy dogs, so dogs that were injured or abused stood no chance and were put to sleep immediately.

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Even the RSPCA stated it was full but offered a euthanasia service instead.

Rob decided to put his experience and dedication to good use and give these otherwise homeless and sometimes abused dogs a chance of life.

He would sometimes get dogs in that were so scared they would tremble with fear. But day by day you would see the dog transform into the trusting, friendly companion animal they are. They now enjoyed life and adored Rob.

He would take dogs in that had aggression issues. Again, within a short period, you would see that same dog happily playing with the other dogs in his care. These were dogs that had been ‘written off’ by society.

Rob was well aware that many privately owned dogs were not socialised enough, he also had to socialise and exercise his own dogs, so he introduced the daily dog walk.

This was an ideal opportunity to socialise your own dog, or volunteer to walk one of the rescue dogs that were ready to rehomed.

This was a lovely experience for a large group of people and dogs all walking together, no bickering between the dogs, and responsible ownership.

We took our own two large breed dogs, who always pulled on the lead and wanted to meet and greet every dog they met. After joining in with Rob’s group my two behaved calmly on the lead and were not even remotely interested in other dogs.

He is not just exercising/training his own dogs - Rob was training us to be good owners.

Who else in this area has ever been prepared to organise something like this for dog owners for FREE?

As a dog owner you get used to your dogs giving you a big welcome when you return home. This is exactly how these dogs acted towards Rob, they loved him to bits.

They trusted him, yes of course they did, but they were genuinely happy to be by his side.

All the dogs in his care were well looked after. I used to go to the warehouse at least a few times a week. Each and every time there were dogs coming and going.

Each dog was exercised many times during the day by Rob, his staff and volunteers, as well as having some free time in the warehouse.

He did use crates but they were only in them for short periods of time through out the day. Much less than some privately owned pets who can spend a large part of their day stuck in a crate/cage, whilst their owners are at work.

My family were both shocked and angry when we heard his dogs had been seized by the RSPCA. This is a person that at considerable personal expense in both time and money, did nothing but good for the community.

He was always ready to help owners and their pets. He was continually trying to raise the community spirit by suggesting events for the town. Rallying people together to help someone in need.

He does nothing but good, yet the RSPCA does this to him.

The RSPCA had visited earlier in the year and left happy. No notices were issued, no warnings, no time for discussion.

Then it just turns up and seizes these ‘rehabilitated dogs’.

That is really going to help sustain the hard work put into these animals by Mr Phipps, taking them from a familiar, trusting environment and putting them in the RSPCA shelter.

Dogs hate the shelter life, which is why Mr Phipps doesn’t use kennels. What a disgusting way for a charity (funded by the public) to act.

Roert Phipps worked tirelessly for both the animals and the public whereas the RSPCA is meant to work for the welfare of animals, but is funded entirely by the public. How ironic is that?

One of the RSPCA Founders, Richard Martin, said: “It would be ill-judged for it to become know as a prosecuting society. The prime aim should be to alter the moral feelings of the country.”

Well guess what - the RSPCA has turned into a prosecuting society and Mr Phipps is the one to try and change the moral feelings of the country.

Maybe he should be given the chief executive position of the RSPCA to take it back to its roots.

I am sorry to waffle on, but I feel so angry for Mr Phipps and for the dogs. They were gorgeous dogs that were happy, well looked after (some would even say spoilt) and for a body like the RSPCA to accuse him of animal abuse is so underhanded and downright wrong.

I hope you can use some of this essay when writing up your article, the truth needs to come out.


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