Rob takes the long hard route into Fenland Hall and wins the day as an independent

MARCH hotelier Rob Skoulding took the long, hard route to Fenland Hall – and it paid off with a resounding victory in today’s poll.

His late father was a long standing Conservative councillor and Cabinet member but son Robert shrugged off political allegiances by standing as an independent and won the day.

“I personally do not think party politics have a place in local government,” he said. “It should be for the good of the town or district and not for the good of the party.”

Rob admitted he was a “bit nervous early on” and wondered if he had done enough to win one of the three March West seats.

“I was hoping for fourth at least so I’m absolutely delighted,” he said. “I will look at every issue and bring a commonsense outlook to them. I would like to think that I can bring some new ideas to the council.”

He added: “I will never be able to fill my dad’s shoes because he was one of a kind. “And I wouldn’t even try. I have to make my own way.

“My agent said to me that my dad would be proud today which I felt very humbled by.”

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-3 seats-

Matt Broadfield (Ind) 483

Christopher Carter (Lab) 472

Stephen Court (Lib Dem) 460

Jan French (Con) 1,019

Kit Owen (Con) 1,117

Rob Skoulding (Ind) 1,082

Adam Triggs (Con) 813

Turn out: 43.25 per cent


-3 seats-

John Clark (Con) 1,154

Martin Field (Lab) 727

Bernard Keane (Con) 1,002

Reg Kemp (537)

Louis Sugden (Lab) 617

Robert Williams (Lab) 613

Fred Yeulett (Con) 914

Turn out: 38.36 per cent


-3 seats-

Mike Cornwell (Con) 1,064

William McAdam (Lib Dem) 468

Trevor Quince (Con) 923

Matthew Routledge (Lab) 627

Peter Tunley (Con) 827

Turn out: 34.79 per cent

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