Rob took just one day to work wonders with my dog and its aggression towards other animals

I have known Rob Phipps for nearly two years now and throughout those two years have been to him several times for advice on my dogs.

I’ve been helping him at the rescue, walking the dogs and helping out.

I had some problems with one of my dogs who became extremely aggressive and Rob gave me some wonderful advice on how to deal with it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t strong enough to help and I couldn’t bear to see him put down so I turned to Rob, knowing of his background in behaviour. Rob agreed to take my little dog on, and work with him.

I dropped my dog off fully muzzled for his safety as well as the other dogs. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

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The next day, he was running around with his new friends and he was a completely different dog. He was very happy with Rob and his new friends.

Rob deserves to have his dogs back where they belong - he knows how to handle them.

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