ROBIN’S NEST: A criminal’s day that went from bad to worse

IT is not nice to gain enjoyment from the misery of others – well not unless they deserve it. I found myself doing this last week when one of our criminal’s days just got worse as it went on.

The day in question started in the early hours when a house burglary took place. No doubt the burglar thought he had got away with it. However a few hours later, whilst on route to another job, Pc Mann saw a car parked up on the side of the road with the rear window wiper going.

Thinking that this was strange she investigated further and found a male in the driver’s seat with the seatbelt on, the key in the ignition and the engine warm. Her instincts told her this was not right so she checked the car and the male. Once all the checks had been done it was found that he had committed an offence and was quickly arrested.

He was taken to the nearest custody block where upon he was searched and items taken from him. During the search he was found to have property relating to the victim of the burglary – Bingo! So again he was quickly arrested for this further offence.

But the story does not stop there. When the criminal thought the officers were not looking, he took 0.3 grams of cocaine out of his bottom - it makes me cringe to think that he was probably planning to snort these drugs. Officers further arrested him for possession.

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In interview he admitted to all of the offences and was charged. Just to finish his bad day off he was remanded to the courts the next day. The next day did not get any better as Norwich Magistrates Court further remanded him to his next trial date and so he will be having porridge for the next few weeks. What a shame hey?

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