Robin’s Nest: Does Wisbech really need more than 70 licensed premises?

DOES Wisbech really need another drinking establishment?

Whilst I am all for fair trade and allowing a business to prosper, I do feel that when we see a strong link between a group of retail companies and crime then it is my responsibility to intervene.

The constabulary are putting up objections to a series of new applications for licence premises in the Wisbech Town area.

It is our opinion that the number of outlets supplying booze has got to saturation point and it is starting to have a drain on our resources.

It may amaze you to know that there are 70 licensed premises within the Wisbech Town Centre wards.

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Those who know me well will tell you that I stop at five pints due to the fact that after that I start to get the giggles.

This would mean that if I have a pint in every premise it would take me two weeks to go through them all – now that is a long Christmas party.

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Of course most of these are run really professionally and would refuse me when I asked for that sixth pint.

However, I am afraid that there are a few that think of the money rather than their moral responsibility.

These we are taking to hearings as we can prove that there is a link between their serving of alcohol and the concentration of alcohol-related crime.

However, we are also trying to stop new ones opening as we feel they will just add to the problem.

Anyone can object to licensing applications, so if you are fed up with seeing people drinking cans in the town and throwing them on the floor or if you are fed up seeing people urinating in the alleyways then use your freedom of speech and say so.

The constabulary could do with your support.

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