ROBIN’S NEST: Seven Fenland police officers injured while carrying out their duty in the last two months

A DARK shadow fell over the police force last week when two Greater Manchester Police officers were shot whilst on duty.

Incidents like this do have an impact on all of my officers as we all reflect on “it could have been me”.

These officers were attending a routine incident like the ones we go to day in, day out but sadly it was to be their last one. My thoughts go out to their families.

To say that Fenland is a safer place in which to work, for my officers, does not hold up either. In the last two months alone, seven Fenland officers have been injured whilst carrying out their duty.

They range from really serious incidents such as two PCSOs tackling a female with an axe who wanted to attack a doctor. During the struggle one sustained injuries to their knees whilst the other was kicked in his genitals.

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Another officer was covered in the blood of an arrested person who had HIV. During the arrest the person struggled to such an extent that the officer suffered injuries to his hands and knees.

There was a real risk of blood transfer. The officer is still awaiting the blood results.

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The list also includes one officer being bitten on the thigh by a violent prisoner and a PCSO being bitten by a dog on their left ankle.

The purpose of me sharing this information is not to gain your sympathy but to enlighten you on how dedicated and brave I think the officers that serve Fenland are.

I hope you are in agreement.

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