ROBIN’S NEST: The public is fed up with drinking on the streets and who can blame them?

THE Wisbech public are fed up with the drinking on the streets and I do not blame them!

Last Monday we had our first Community Engagement Day in Wisbech. It involved PCSOs going out during the day.

They went to places where we knew lots of people from different walks of life would be i.e. toddler meetings, school gates, OAP meets, local shops, factories and so on. People were asked what concerned them the most and what they wanted their local officers to concentrate on. These were all written down and personal feedback will be given once action has been taken.

We then arranged for the CrimeBuster Bus to be in the town so that the community to approach us with their concerns.

Finally we were invited to the Wisbech Town Council meet where councillors (who represent the community) could ask questions / feedback what concerns they had gained from their own walk about.

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All this work resulted in over 100 feedback sheets being written. A lot more representative than the 30+ people we would get to attend an evening meeting.

But the hard work has only just started. We will now work on the issues raised with any partners that can help. The main concern with 34 percent was street drinking and naturally this will be our main focus over the coming months. Other issues raised were speeding and littering.

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This is a new method and I hope you agree that we get a better cross section of the communities’ views. We are now off to March but eventually there will be a similar event in all the towns of Fenland as well as special rural ones.

Keep the views coming in.

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