Roddons have to manage their homes and accommodate as many people as they can

I HAVE read various letters expressing disgust at Roddons Housing Association asking single people to vacate their family sized homes and am amazed that people are so selfish.

One sentiment seems to be that it has been that person’s home for all their life etc.

Trouble is, it isn’t theirs. I wonder how they’d feel if they were the family with children, on the list, waiting desperately for a decent place to live?

Roddons has to try to manage the properties they own and ensure that they can properly and adequately accommodate as many people as they �possibly can.

That’s their duty, and if a �single person comes to be �living in a home which is too large for their needs, they should be �prepared to move to somewhere smaller.

If people are not happy about this, there are alternatives. Either find some rented accommodation or buy their own place, as I did a lot of years ago after scrimping and saving and living in a place which no social housing tenant would put up with.

I only ever lived in a rented house once in my life and hated the fact that my space didn’t belong to me. Instead of complaining and moaning about it, I did something about it. And if I can do it, anyone can.

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