Romanian shoplifters caught at Tesco store in March with special bag designed to foil security checks

A ROMANIAN couple used a specially adapted shoplifter’s carrier bag to steal bottles of booze from a March supermarket and then foil the store’s alarm system.

he bag -- bought by the pair for �25 from a flea market -- had been lined with a special material designed to disable security tags.

While inside the Tesco store, the man used his jacket to hide the bag from CCTV cameras as the woman loaded it up.

“Staff could see via CCTV, they filled a trolley with various goods, and had a bag with them,” said prosecutor Nicola Rice.

“She moved three bottles of spirits worth �75.98 from the trolley, into the bag.

“Clearly they went in there with the intention of stealing, it was a planned theft,” said Ms Rice.

Adrian Nicolescu, 39, and Ionela-Loredana Porcoi, 23, both of Keats Road, Wolverhampton, both admitted stealing the alcohol and going equipped for theft.

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The pair had come to the UK to get work, and left their two children back in Romania, said solicitor Andrew Cogan. They come to the Fens on November 7 to inspect a car offered for sale.

“It is fair to say they came with the bag that was modified and disguised in a particular way,” he added.

“She had been told it could disguise security tags, but she was not convinced it would work.

“On the way home they popped into Tesco and foolishly decided to see if the bag was going to work or not.

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