Rotary Club of March backs mayor’s ‘Have a Heart’ campaign

The Rotary Club of March wholeheartedly backs the ‘Have a Heart’ campaign and applauds mayor, Councillor Rob Skoulding, for his support on this worthy effort for the town.

His calls for local charitable organisations to get behind the campaign have not gone unheeded.

In fact, 18 months ago, we purchased a defibrillator, at a cost of about £1,000, and presented it to the Conservative Club in Creek Road, where anyone can see it in the entrance hall.

Its use is for everyone, not just those attending functions or meetings. To that end we informed Sainsbury’s across the road it is there for use, if needed in the store.

It may also interest people to know that these machines have no retail value as every one has a unique code embedded in its software, pin-pointing its location and owners.

You may also want to watch:

Let us hope it hangs on the wall, gathering dust, for many a long year.


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Vice-president, Rotary Club of March

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