Royal Mail quashes rumours that gifts will fail to reach March residents before Christmas

ROYAL Mail has quashed rumours that a backlog of post caused by severe winter weather will prevent March residents from getting cards and presents in time for Christmas.

Kevin Devlin, 55, of Riverbank Close, claims that he is still “expecting around 30 parcels from eBay” which he believes have already arrived at the Royal Mail’s delivery office in Dartford Road, March.

His fears were raised further when he visited the office to speak to staff.

Mr Devlin said: “A member of staff told me that I wouldn’t believe what they have got behind the counter - he said there was hardly any room to move.

“He told me that the manager was trying to get people to work overtime so they could hopefully clear the backlog before Christmas.

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“I’m worried that I’ve promised gifts to people and they won’t get here in time.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said they were unaware of any postal problems in March.

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Mr Devlin, who has been disabled for the last 10 years and uses a mobility scooter, had started to contact sellers on eBay to find out why he hadn’t received the items.

He said: “Every seller has told me they’ve sent the items so there is clearly a delay in my eyes.”

“I rely on services like Royal Mail and eBay for presents and I’m now stuck just waiting for the parcels to arrive. It’s very upsetting.”

Royal Mail has recruited almost 20,000 workers to help handle its festive mailbag of around two billion items.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We apologise to customers for any disruption to their post caused by severe weather conditions in some UK areas.

“However, conditions are improving around the country, and we have sufficient Christmas staffing levels in March to reassure customers that mail is being moved as fast as it possibly can.

“A range of other measures have been put in place to ensure deliveries reach people as quickly as possible – including the Sunday delivery of packets.

“We have brought in additional people to March and other local offices as part of our usual employment of seasonal temporary staff to deal with the increased volume of mail.”

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