Royal Mail workers at Fenland sorting office walk out for two hours in dispute with bosses

DISGRUNTLED staff at a Royal Mail sorting office in March, Cambridgeshire, went on strike for two hours today in a dispute with their bosses.

Around 30 staff at the Royal Mail sorting office in Dartford Road stood outside the building to conduct their protest in the pouring rain.

Senior officials are believed to have arrived from King’s Lynn and Peterborough to resolve the issues with the striking staff who downed tools at around 9am this morning.

One of the workers said the group returned to work after their grievances were aired and a “resolution of some kind” was met.

Striking workers have promised to “work extremely hard” to catch-up with the two-hours work which they missed.

They stated that it was a local dispute only and involved the breakdown of trust with local management.

One worker said: “This treatment has gone on too long, some of the deliveries are too big and they’re expecting us to clear the backlog - however the main issue is the management. They’re not treating us well so that’s why we have walked out this morning.

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“The staff have had enough and the atmosphere in the office is really downbeat. A few of the staff have complained through our official channels and nothing has been done, if anything it seems to be getting worse.

“We have no problem with the people that are working through the strike because we don’t want to be out here all day in the rain. We just want to make a stand and get people to listen.”

Some of the striking postal workers said that they hoped the dispute would be settled quickly and that senior managers would arrive to hear their grievances.

“We are concerned about how the public might react,” said the worker.

“However, we’ve got to the stage where we just have to do something to show how we feel.

“We want to deliver a great service to our customers but at the moment we believe we’re unable to do that.”

Today’s action comes after fears about a Christmas backlog were raised by Kevin Devlin, 55, last week.

Mr Devlin said a member of staff told him he “wouldn’t believe” the amount of parcels behind the counter.

He claims he is still expecting around 30 parcels from eBay. A Royal Mail spokesman quashed rumours that gifts would fail to reach March residents before Christmas and said they were unaware of any issues at the March office.

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