RSPB cow rescued from Fenland river was one of 50 to have fallen in same water

A COW rescued from a river near Manea last week was the last of many cows that have fallen into rivers and ditches at the Ouse Washes over the last few months.

About 50 cows from the same herd, belonging to the RSPB, have been found in the rivers and ditches around the washes, but have been safely removed from the waters by farmers who are getting increasingly used to rescuing cows.

A fire crew from Chatteris, one from Huntingdon and a rescue vehicle from Huntingdon, were called to the site and put a rope around the stranded cow, and the cows’ farmer pulled it out from the river at Purls Bridge Drove with a Landrover.

Jon Reeves, RSPB Ouse Washes site manager, confirmed the cow was unharmed and said about 50 cows had fallen into river and ditches around the washes over the summer and were safely removed, or got out themselves.

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