RSPCA appeal to find owner of pony found between Whittlesey and Peterborough

THE RSPCA is appealing for information to find the owner of an elderly pony which was found on a cycle path between Whittlesey and Peterborough.

The pony was found by members of the public on the Green Wheel cycle path on Wednesday.

The Skewbald mare, which is around 13.2hh, was found lying on the ground and unable to get up. The concerned members of the public contacted the RSPCA and a local vet was later called to assist.

The poorly pony was given a bout of pain relief by the vet, and after a short period of time she eventually managed to get on her feet.

RSPCA inspector Kat Parfitt and animal welfare office Kathy Hornig then managed to lead the horse slowly and safely to a nearby horsebox, and she was transferred to a local vet for a further check-ups.

The pony is believed to be around 25 years old and is suffering from arthritis in her legs.

AWO Hornig said: “If the pony had not been found by these people then she would still be there now, because she was unable to get up on her own without assistance.

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“She really is beautiful and very friendly, and despite being stiff from the arthritis she is in a good condition.

“We really want to trace her owner and hope that they will recognise from her from the photograph and come forward. We don’t know how she managed to end up on the cycle path, but we are just grateful that she was spotted by the members of the public in time.

“We would also like to say a thank you to the Environment Agency officers who came along and opened up the gates to enable to get the horsebox close so we could load her on to the trailer.”

The horse is currently being cared for by fosterers.

• The owner of the power is urged to call RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

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