RSPCA should be prosecuting those torturing dogs, not penalise those like Rob trying to help them

We are writing to express our outrage at the fact that JJ Rescue is being penalised after all the amazing work it and Rob Phipps has done, trying to save and rehabilitate dogs from all areas of the country and from all types of horrific situations.

I always believed that the RSPCA was a charity that believed in helping animals. The fact it took away 34 dogs that were being well looked after and loved is beyond our comprehension.

God forbid that anything should happen to any of these dogs that have survived and found safety against many horrendous odds.

Why is the RSPCA not using its energy and resources to pursue and prosecute those out there who are torturing, fighting and using these poor defenceless animals as status symbols and weapons?

It should be doing this instead of causing untold stress for a small rescue with a fantastic amount of community support and assistance.

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Our own pets are rescued and the last boy we took in unfortunately could not stay with us. After getting in touch with every rescue across the country, including the RSPCA, we were told no-one could help us.

We were put in touch with Rob through a friend. Rob travelled half-way up the country to meet us. He gave Benji a home, rehabilitated him and kept in constant contact with us to update us on his progress.

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How can this injustice be allowed to carry on against people who only want to help these dogs.



North Yorkshire

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