Rumble strip installed along Fen riverside road

RUMBLE strips alerting drivers to potential hazards have been installed along the waterside carriageway of North Bank, Whittlesey.

The work was carried out during the 22-week closure of the road which is used by many from Whittlesey and March to commute to Peterborough.

Fenland Road Safety Campaign founder Graham Chappell suggested the improvements back in August last year. Speaking then, he said: “It could be better time spent if the chance was taken to re-lay and upgrade the rumble strip which was installed, unbelievably, only on the non-waterside carriageway, apart from a very small stretch on the waterside, a few years ago, and is now becoming very worn with the growing traffic volume on this narrow and notoriously dangerous road.”

Mr Chappell also called for a safety barrier on the ‘blind’ bend towards Northey Road where fatal river immersion accidents have happened.

He said: “Peterborough City Council have followed Cambridgeshire County Council and used the opportunity given by the closure of the North Bank road for bridge reconstruction to improve the missing rumble strip along the entire length of the riverside carriageway of the road. Some sections of the non-riverside road carriageway have also been renewed.”

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