Safety barriers along Fenland riverside roads do nothing to tackle underlying issue - poor driver behaviour

I CANNOT agree with your headline ‘Death road’ and Graham Chappell’s comment describing the road at North Bank as ‘lethal’ (September 14).

While I fully sympathise with all those involved or affected by the collision, the actual cause of these terrible accidents must surely lie in what can only be described as the abysmal standards of driver behaviour that we see regularly exhibited on Fenland’s roads.

It seems that the vast majority of drivers are quite eager to drive too fast for the conditions, drive too close to the vehicle in front and overtake when it is not safe to do so.

The safety improvements on the equally ‘lethal’ Ramsey Forty Foot can be attributed to the average speed cameras enforcing a 50mph limit. This has led to less speed, less tailgating and less utterly dangerous overtaking manoeuvres performed by drivers who are in too much of a hurry.

So while installing safety barriers would reduce the vehicles that end up in the water, they do nothing to tackle the underlying issue of poor driver behaviour.

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