Saftey of people should come before politics.

Gobsmacked. I wasn’t too surprised to see yet another attack on Councillor Alan Lay by Steve Tierney. This time over highways and the flow of traffic in the Market Place.

Steve is quite correct that the road belongs to Cambridgeshire County Highways.

However, what he fails to point out is that the traffic flow was not only fully endorsed by the Conservative ruling group at Wisbech Town Council but that it was their comments and recommendations that resulted in the changes, much to the disgust of many of the local people.

So rather than deflect an issue maybe the Conservative group at Wisbech would like to admit an error on their part that offended so many people.

While on the issue of highways I have Conservative leaflets promising action on speeding and dangerous driving.

You may also want to watch:

Almost all the Conservatives including Steve Tierney and Samantha Hoy voted against a reduced speed limit in residential areas of Wisbech last year that would have made our local roads a safer place for our children and residents, so why promise something they could have already dealt with.

Surely the safety of people should come first rather than party politics.

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