Save Estover playing field for future generations

I attended the meeting about Estover playing field and felt that one important issue was left out, namely, the field isn’t just a playing field but a community resource used by those who live in the area.

An outdoor classroom where we take our children and grandchildren to learn about nature and the changing seasons, a safe living space for our increasingly under threat wildlife and a stop-over for migratory birds. The field is lined with families building snowmen during the winter, blackberry hunters in the autumn, bug enthusiasts for the summer months and wild flower lovers happily taking snapshots during the spring - as I said not just a playing field.

Estover Playing Field Association make all this possible by their excellent stewardship of the field and it is to their credit that despite increasing pressure on them by the reduction of funding they fight tirelessly for this wonderful community asset with precious little support from the powers that be.

A shameful situation which our councillors should redress. We in the north of the town have very little in regard to assets and amenities and in this case we’re asking for one field of 19 acres. Not much is it?

As pointed out during the meeting, the field has been used for recreation by generations of March residents and it seems to me a pity that future generations may not be able to share the same privilege.

This open space is enjoyed all year round by young and old alike and it isn’t a place we should just let go.

This humble field plays host to countless activities that give the residents in the north of the town pleasure and our councillors should be fighting to keep it not planning on destroying it - especially Councillor Steve Count who made such an issue of the importance of the field when he was looking for votes!

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In our increasingly over built environment, a field of grass and trees is such a treat, a lovely place to stretch your legs on balmy summer evenings and crisp frosty mornings - and dare I say it? A great place to walk the family pooch too!


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