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IN the light of draconian economic cuts currently being implemented, it particularly concerns me of possible restrictions and closures of library services.

Libraries are vital assets to communities, nerve centres of the country’s proven academical and technolocigal past for many centuries. They lend themselves particularly well in the role of ongoing learning.

I view them as indispensable places working as extensions to knowledge. They are a rich source in the pursuit of further education available to anyone regardless of age.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds were spent on March’s ultra-modern library and re-furnishing Wisbech’s library. Such expenses should be foremost in County Council deliberation with the object of continuing these necessary services and not putting past expenditure in jeopardy. To dos so would be a sheer waste and a betrayal of our trust.

I hope that Cambridgeshire County Council and that at Fenland Hall will be very lenient if they do feel the urge to make changes and, better still, leave well alone.

Libraries are vital institutions with outstanding benefit to our communities, more so in the present abhorrent economical situation. They are a ray of hope for the salvation of our future.


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