School warns students of bogus Facebook account attempting to entice female students to become ‘friends’

Principal of Neale Wade Jason Wing.

Principal of Neale Wade Jason Wing. - Credit: Archant

Special assemblies are being held at a Fenland school to warn of a man behind a bogus Facebook account attempting to entice female students to become his ‘friend’.

So alarmed is principal Jason Wing of the Neale-Wade academy, March,that he has called “a wave of assemblies” to provide warnings and guidance to his students.

Mr Wing’s first response was to contact parents late yesterday to say the school had become “aware that a person using the name Ammy John has been contacting our female students and requesting that they become ‘friends’ on Facebook.

“Under no circumstances should any students accept this request,” he said.

Mr Wing said if any student has been contacted via Facebook they should see the academy’s child protection team member.

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“We will be making the police aware of the situation,” he said.

Tonight, in a blog posted on the academy’s website, he outlined steps he was taking to resolve “this individual sending offensive messages to the students”.

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Not only has he contacted police but Mr Wing said screen shots of the offensive messages had now been handed to police.

Parents of the individuals contacted had been sent messages and Facebook had been informed of the academy’s concerns.

Mr Wing said some assemblies had already taken place but he also pointed out that for the past five weeks the main doors remained locked and all visitors had to report to reception, signed in and provided with a badge and then escorted to their destination within the academy.

He insisted Neale-Wade had not had “unwelcome or uninvited intruders on site at any time”.

Over the next few weeks “there will be another wave of assemblies that will deal with the issue of internet safety that will reinforce the messages”.

Facebook has been in touch with Mr Wing to provide help in dealing with unwanted ‘friends’ and providing guidance to students on how to deal with their social media accounts.

One March parent has posted to a March Facebook forum details of an incident involving a “black car which stopped my daughter on Halloween night”.

Although the incident is not being direclty linked to the Facebook issue at Neale-Wade the parent said she was aware of a similar incident and both had been reported to police.

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