‘Seconds later I wouldn’t be alive’: Man escapes from crashed car in Guyhirn moments before it bursts into flames

The VW Golf which Connor Lucas smashed his way out of moments before it burst into flame

The VW Golf which Connor Lucas smashed his way out of moments before it burst into flame - Credit: Archant

A 21 year old is counting his blessings after dragging himself free from his crashed car within seconds of it bursting into flames.

Guyhirn car fire

Guyhirn car fire - Credit: Archant

Connor Lucas managed to punch his way out the window of his VW Golf and as he scrambled to the other side of the road watched in shock as the fire took hold.

He said: “I could feel the car getting hotter and hotter and saw smoke coming from the engine. I knew I had to get out.

“A few seconds later and I wouldn’t be alive. It is absolutely crazy, My head can’t properly take it in yet. It wasn’t my time to go.

“It makes you realise anything can happen at any time and it’s important to grab chances and live life to the full because you just don’t know when it might end.”

Connor Lucas

Connor Lucas - Credit: Archant

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Mr Lucas, who for two years has worked in bars in Ibiza during the summer and in winter returns to his family home in Guyhirn to work in construction, was on his way to work in Murrow at about 7.30am when his car was in collision with a van.

A third vehicle was travelling on Gull Road at Guyhirn at the same time, a black Citroen with red parts on it.

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Mr Lucas said that his Golf skidded and was in collision with the van which is when everything seemed to go into slow motion. His strongest memory was having the strength to get out the car.

“I knew I was in trouble. There was no-one around to help. I froze for a second and then did everything to smash my way out,” Mr Lucas said.

Emergency services were on the scene within minutes and after checking him over agreed he was fine to go home without injuries.

He took the rest of the day off but has been back at work since.

“I feel very lucky to still be here.” he said.

Police are appealing for witnesses either to the crash on Thursday December 11, or witnessed the moments leading up to or the moments after the crash.

Anyone with information is asked to call PC Matt Smart on 101.

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