Seconds out round two - the fight is on to stop an anaerobic digester being built by Fengrain at Wimblington. Again.

Tractors backing up at the site of Fengrain

Tractors backing up at the site of Fengrain - Credit: Archant

Some objections raised by Fenland Council to an anaerobic digester at Wimblington- now subject to a fresh appeal- are to be dropped.

Wimblington Against Anaerobic digester. Banner, Picture: Steve Williams.

Wimblington Against Anaerobic digester. Banner, Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

The council fears being stung with costs if they continue to object on grounds of odour, noise and highways, the planning committee will be told.

Planning officers have been guided by the findings of the first appeal when the inspectors dismissed these as objections.

However the council will continue to oppose the fresh appeal on the grounds of the impact it will have on living conditions, on the landscape and the fact it is outside the village.

“Officers consider that the ‘visually dominant and overbearing’ element of the refusal can be defended at appeal without there being significant risk of an award of costs,” says Nick Harding, head of planning.

Mr Harding will remind the planning committee that his officers had recommended the revised scheme – now subject to appeal- for approval.

“It was considered that the previous reason for refusal had been overcome by virtue of the revised layout and content of the proposal,” he said.

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“Committee did not accept the officer recommendation taking the view that the visual impact remained harmful.”

Mr Harding also pointed out that county highways have not objected to either Fengrain scheme so Fenland Council could not contest the issue on these grounds.

Key issues to be considered, Mr Harding will tell the committee, are “the risk of an award of costs as the planning permission was refused for reasons which it will be difficult to defend at the appeal.

“Even if the committee decides not to contest some of the reasons for refusal, it is anticipated that a partial award of costs against the council may be applied for and may be successful.”