Sir Harry Smith’s sensory room gets new ‘column bubble wall lamp’ thanks to Whittlesey International Lions Club

An item on Sir Harry Smith’s wish list, a 5ft tall sensory lamp, has been purchased by members of th

An item on Sir Harry Smith’s wish list, a 5ft tall sensory lamp, has been purchased by members of the Whittlesey International Lions Club. Picture: SUPPLIED - Credit: Sir Harry Smith

A 5ft tall ‘column bubble wall’ to help children with sensory difficulties has been on Sir Harry Smith College’s wish list for a very long time.

But thanks to the Whittlesey International Lions Club, the school’s dream has become reality after members purchased and donated the sensory lamp to their supportive skills department.

The lamp can be programmed to show one of 15 shades of colour and at different frequencies of bubble speed.

The different colours illuminate the cascade of bubbles that move through the column, creating a sense of calmness in students who are showing anxiety.

A school spokesman said: “The lamp only arrived recently but has already made a huge impact on the students who visit the Sensory Room.

“Their reaction was immediate and clear. The students called it ‘mesmerising’, another said it was ‘like being underwater’ and discussed feeling weightless and free from troubles.”

Within the first hour of receiving the lamp, two students who were suffering with anxiety were taken to view the lamp and were “fascinated” by the colourful bubble display.

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The spokesman added: “We are very grateful to the chair of governors, for initiating this donation, and the Lions club, for purchasing and setting the lamp up.

“It is a much needed support to allow students to ‘step out’ of their troubles for a bit and regain calmness.

“It will also help to stem the escalation of mental health symptoms and will be used profusely in the years to come.”

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