Sewage system is “grossly overloaded”

In reply to Councillor Jan French in the article of Friday April 25, it states sewage could swamp Fenland if a target 11,000 homes are built without improvement to sewage facilities in March.

Is it not already the case the system is grossly overloaded and has been unable to cope for in excess of 12 months.

A survey in homes on Elm Road, the Estover Estate will prove this as the case.

We the residents of the area have been subject, often 7 day’s a week of sewage movements from Creek Fen sewage facility, this sewage is being transported in Tipper trucks, the smell produced by the passing of such vehicles is a vile stench that hangs around all day preventing the opening of windows or any use of the garden, it is at times un bearable in the extreme.

These vehicles first approached from Wisbech Road, Creek Road, this appeared to be quickly stopped as the Town Centre was getting the treatment. They are now constantly in our area, it is not a smell but an obscene stench we are living with.

When will this practice cease?.

We are charged Council Tax and also a sewage charge from Anglia water for the pleasure of them ruining our lives.

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Come on Councillors get it quickly sorted or give the people constantly affected a rebate.


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