Shame on March councillors for using Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder as photo opportunity

AS parents of a serving soldier, who recently returned from his second tour of Afghanistan, we felt a great sense of shock and sadness at the horrific death of drummer Lee Rigby.

Whilst acknowledging March Town Council’s tribute, albeit 10 days after the event and possibly prompted by members of the public laying flowers at the War Memorial, may we make a suggestion to councillors.

If you are going to represent us then for goodness sake show some respect and do not use this tragic event as a photo opportunity to promote the council whilst beaming away at the camera as if expecting a pat on the back - how disrespectful.

Shame on your newspaper, which of course should report the council’s laying of a tribute and the opening of a book of condolences. There was no need for a photocall which completely obscured the public response which was heartfelt and sincere.


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