Shame on you Mr Setchell

SHAME on you Mr Setchell for your article in Cambs Times Friday February 4 headed, ‘Patient wears gloves to beat hospital cold.’

I am glad she ‘..only claims she has been forced to have treatment while wearing gloves and a coat…’ Surely it would be difficult to administer treatment with the physical restrictions of clothing.

The building and facilities it provides is a wonderful asset to the City and surrounding areas and we are privileged to have this facility so close. Everybody should applaud, welcome and support the hard working staff at Peterborough City Hospital.

To see a report which concentrates on an elderly couple, a photograph taken from above showing big eyes, grey hair and woolly cardigans may sell papers but you must remember there are good, trained and hard working people in that hospital and I for one am offended by this extortion of the truth. Perhaps your editor may also wish to look at this.

My recent and ongoing experience of this hospital has been excellent and I cannot praise them enough. The outpatient care is second to none, and the care from the nursing staff with patients on the wards is excellent. Get your facts correct, Mr Setchell, and do not try to distort public perception of this facility by this avenue of biased and incorrect reporting.

Again Mr Setchell, shame on you and give Peterborough City Hospital and all the staff who are employed there credit for the all the good work they do.


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