ShapeYourPlace failed to make public sector more open and transparent

I would like to say my experience of ShapeYourPlace has often led me to wonder if the project was worthwhile.

For example, I asked via ShapeYourPlace how often police patrol my area.

I eventually went to the police and crime commissioner to obtain an answer, as the police point blank refused to answer.

I also complained via ShapeYourPlace about cars and vans parking and blocking a footway – to be told to ‘phone 101’ (by the police).

It would appear that police either do not patrol my area or, if they do, they cannot be bothered to do anything about this blockage.

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Further, I noticed a tyre on a junction near me. This tyre remained in situ for at least nine months.

I reported it on ShapeYourPlace, then asked if street cleansing or Street Scene officers ever swept or walked the road in question. Again no satisfactory reply given.

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I assume councillors read ShapeYourPlace? If so why do they allow this sort of thing to go on and not ask questions?

If they do not read ShapeYourPlace how do they know what is going on? (Also, two councillors I have written to in the past never replied, one of which I hand delivered the letter to their door.)

ShapeYourPlace hardly made the above more open or transparent, and unfortunately the ‘powers that be’ still do not wish questions to be asked that show them to be tardy at least.


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