Sharon caught in the cross fire of two neighbouring UKIP regions who cannot agree if she’s their media spokesman

Sharon Jardine, UKIP.

Sharon Jardine, UKIP. - Credit: Archant

UKIP has still not decided if they will apologise- and reinstate- their ‘Cambs media liaison officer’ Sharon Jardine who has been caught in the cross fire between neighbouring regional officials.

The party’s eastern region insists that her job title is “unofficial”, she’s not even a party member and the man who gave it to her had no right to do so.

However the party’s east midlands office appears to contradict the tough statement put out by eastern region press officer Stuart Gulleford.

He told her to quit using the title immediately although Chris Pain, UKIP East Midlands regional chairman has an entirely different version of events.

“I would like to confirm that I had asked Sharon to represent UKIP in Wisbech due to the hard work that she has put into the area,” he said.

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He said comments to the contrary “are bewildering to say the least”.

Ken Perrin, also criticised by Mr Gulleford for having “no authority to either appoint or give out job titles”, responded by claiming he’d like to meet me “face to face and have a gentlemanly discussion about this”. His recent emails have been signed “UKIP NE Cambs organiser.”

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Meanwhile Mrs Jardine has produced a completed membership form from February for UKIP “and I do hope I get an apology for all this rubbish.”

She said: “I will not be called a liar.”

Mrs Jardine sprung to the fore when she began organising a Facebook page entitled ‘Wisbech Immigration Issues’ which plans a protest in Wisbech Park in May.

Mrs Jardine, of Tydd Gote, said she planned to stand for UKIP in May’s county council elections and was organising a protest to allow people to voice the view that “immigration is out of control.”

She said: “I started to learn more about UKIP but I’m not someone who is political. I just believe that immigration is out of control and it needs to be sorted”

Mr Gulleford said: ““We have nothing to do with the protest march- and I knew nothing of it until newspaper cuttings were brought to my attention,” he said.

“People seem to be adopting titles that don’t exist.”

As of last night Mr Gulleford would only confirm that Alan Lay of Wisbech would be the official UKIP candidate in a Fenland Council by election.

Of Mrs Jardine there was no further word. Mr Gulleford’s bosses are said to be “dealing with it.”

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