She moved into home next to operational railway line – the railway didn’t move next to her!

I refer to your report headlined March residents can’t use their gardens because of noise and pollution from railway engines on nearby track.

So the woman at the centre of the story has been in her bungalow for a year?

May I remind her, anyone else who is moaning and MP Steve Barclay that the railway line has been there for 168 years.

It was there and working when the residents viewed their properties prior to moving in – or didn’t they notice it?

They should be thankful that railway traffic and noise levels are now nowhere near as high as they were in the days when the GN&GE Joint Line from St Ives to Spalding plus the Wisbech branch were also open.

You may also want to watch:

Steam locomotives were blasting away 24 hours a day and there was the constant clanging of buffers as wagons were shunted at Whitemoor marshalling yards.

Even the “first generation” diesel locomotives of the 1950s and 60s were far noisier, smokier and smellier than today’s examples.

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The woman moved in next to an existing operational railway line – the railway didn’t move in next to her!


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