Shooting club at Sutton wants to build a new firing range - but objectors say it will be an explosive intrusion

Planning application for Isle Target Sport Club

Planning application for Isle Target Sport Club - Credit: Archant

An extra firing range could be set up between Sutton and Mepal if planners give the idea the go ahead.

Isle Target Sports Club

Isle Target Sports Club - Credit: Archant

The Isle Target Sports Club, a private shooting club off the A142, already has a small bore and full bore shooting range alongside a dedicated 50m airgun range.

It also has facilities for archery and shotgun.

But it has now applied for an additional 100m firing range on land to the north of its base off the Mepal bypass.

Owners want to build a grass topped berm - a raised bank - with a sand filled bank and targets.

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Local homeowner Rod Read, of Bury Lane, Sutton, said many locals would enjoy the pretty footpaths along the lane and down the riverbanks but added: “These peaceful places are about to have noisy neighbours in the shape - or rather sound - of a brand new 100 metre calibre rifle shooting range overlooking them on the hillside.

“This will be an unpleasant surprise for most walkers.

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“Few in the village seem aware of this coming explosive intrusion into their simple pleasure.

“Hardly surprising when minimal attention is paid by our own parish council at their recent meeting when my own objection was not even properly circulated and speedy consideration was concluded with approval recommended.”

“There is already an identical 100m rifle range at Cottenham and a shooting business at Chatteris so no-one need be deprived of their hobby,” he said.

Another local resident Peter McGuinness, of Bury Lane, sent his comment to the East Cambs District planning team.

He said: “As it is an additional range, rather than an extension of the existing range, we are concerned the level of noise, particularly on the weekends, will increase.

“I would invite any member of the planning committee to visit the area of Sutton Gault to hear first hand the noise that carries to the residential areas, often on a Sunday morning - it is very noticeable as a persistent background noise.

The application is awaiting a decision by East Cambs District Council planning committee.

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