Shopkeeper installs CCTV to protect his store from vandals

A MARCH trader is so fed up with vandals smashing his shop windows that he has set up his own CCTV system in an attempt to catch the culprits.

Nigel Lambert, who owns Greetings in the High Street, has spent more than �2,000 repairing windows in the last three years - and he still has two broken windows on the side of his premises.

“I have worked in shops for a long time, and I have never experienced crime like I have experienced here,” he said.

“I have worked in Oxford Street in London, in Hackney, and in Sussex and Surrey, but I have never suffered such breakages before.”

Next door to Greetings, a large window at Holiday With Us travel agents was smashed a couple of weeks ago; but the camera on the Specsavers building opposite did not record the event.

Mr Lambert has spent “hundreds of pounds” on installing the camera above the walkway that connects the High Street and West End Park.

Three months ago one of his shop windows was smashed by vandals; and two months ago another window was broken as thieves attempted to break in. “I have lost count about how many times the side windows by the door have been broken,” added Nigel.

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“I dread coming into the shop in the morning, in case there are more breakages.

“Since the CCTV was installed, a group of youths that normally sit on a bench nearby have not been around.” said Nigel.

“I felt I had no option but to install the camera. I hope to record what people are doing, and give evidence to the police so prosecutions can be brought.”

A spokesman for Fenland District Council’s CCTV unit said: “The camera on the Specsavers building is working fine and has been fully operational for several weeks. Holiday With Us’s premises are included in its coverage but clearly the camera cannot cover everything all the time.”

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