Shoplifter stocked up on groceries after going into store for just a sandwich

MUSCULAR dystrophy sufferer Roger Tripp went into a store to steal just a sandwich, but decided to help himself to a couple of week’s groceries while he was there.

He loaded up a trolley with 75 items – worth �229 – and then walked out of the Asda store in Wisbech without paying.

“He went to get a sandwich, but things got out of control somewhat,” solicitor Michael Hinchliffe explained to Fenland magistrates.

Tripp had been stopped by staff outside the North End store and escorted to the security office, explained prosecutor Andrea Fawcett.

“The items were scanned, they were valued at �229.68. When interviewed by police, Tripp said he had come to Wisbech to see his ex-partner, and had slept rough.

“He woke up hungry and decided to steal some food,” added Ms Fawcett. “He decided he might as well get two weeks worth of food, to see him through until he next got some money.”

Tripp. 32, who is living at The Green Welly in Chatteris, admitted theft.

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“He has had a drug problem since the age of 16, and moved to Chatteris after coming out of prison,” said Mr Hinchliffe. “He is not taking street drugs, he has a prescription for methadone and is drug tested every week.”

The court ordered a report from the probation service and adjourned sentencing until November 23.

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