Shoplifter warning on supermarket shelves

SIGNS have been put on supermarket shelves in Wisbech in a bid to deter shoplifters.

Police have placed the messages on the alcohol, meat, cheese and health and beauty shelves because those are the items usually targeted thieves, officers say.

They have been written in English, Lithuanian and Polish - because analysis showed offenders were most likely to speak those languages, the force says.

The signs, which have been put in nine Wisbech shops, warn would-be shoplifters that they are being watched and that 1,500 arrests were made for shoplifting in 2011/12.

Banners have also been put up at entrances to stores where the majority of offences have occurred as part of the constabulary’s Get Closer campaign to identify crime trends.

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Inspector Robin Sissons said: “Shoplifting remains a priority for us and we are committed to coming up with new and innovative ways to tackle this type of crime.

“Using the shelf-edge messages allows us to send a direct message to offenders to make them think twice before they steal from shops.

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“The message is simple: We will not tolerate shoplifting. If you steal from a shop you will be arrested and put before the courts.”

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