Shoppers flee as Fenland town centre empties after thousands of wasps swarm into view

THESE were the dramatic moments in March today as shoppers fled after thousands of wasps swarmed through the High Street.

Nearby offices quickly closed windows and doors, and shoppers sheltered inside many stores to avoid being stung.

Police were called to the scene to avoid panic after the realisation that the wasps were coming from a tree outside of the Co-op.

A short while after the wasps left shoppers and officer workers scattering for cover, workmen turned up to isolate the source and remove the nest.

Specialists spent nearly an hour dealing with the wasps nest and slowly, as their numbers reduced, people again came back onto the street of the Cambridgeshire town.

One eye witness said: “It was extraordinary. One moment everything was normal and the next there seemed thousands upon thousands of wasps were milling around outside our window.

“I’ve never seen anything like it- luckily I reacted quickly and made sure all our windows were closed and they stayed closed until the danger had passed.”

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