Shrubs on Whittlesey roundabout should be removed as you can’t see cars coming

On the roundabout at the Junction of Syers Lane, Broad Street, Whitmore Street and Gracious Street, Whittlesey, there are several large evergreen shrubs about 3ft wide and 5-6ft high.

I had never taken a great deal of notice of them until about six weeks ago.

I was en route to Peterborough, three cars back from the roundabout in the middle lane ready to go straight ahead into Whitmore Street.

The first car moved forward and was about a third of the way onto the roundabout when a small car coming from Whitmore Street and turning right into Broad Street came round very quick and must have missed it by inches.

It was at this time I realised you just cannot see cars coming from Whitmore Street turning right because of the large shrubs.

I later noticed the same thing applies to traffic turning right from Syers Lane to Gracious Street, when you approach from Whitmore Street.

Since then I have spoken to my neighbours, and various other people I know living in Whittlesey, about the large shrubs and all agree they should be removed.

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