Silent vigil in Wisbech to raise awareness of refugees, climate change and Syria bombings


Peace - Credit: Archant

A silent vigil is being held in Wisbech to mark three current political issues.

On Saturday December 12 from noon to 2pm a silent vigil will be held at the Clarkson Memorial to think about refugees travelling across Europe in search of a safer life, to persuade representatives gathered in Paris to ensure climate change talks reach a successful conclusion and to demonstrate opposition to Parliament’s decision to join in the bombing of Isis targets in Syria.

Father Sean Finlay said: “We believe that they are intimately connected. Why are refugees streaming out of Syria? Because of the chaos reigning in that country, including our largely symbolic contribution to the bombing.

“What is the connection between Syria and climate change? Think about it - an RAF pilot targets a train drawing oil tankers and we drop a 500lb bomb on that train, just imagine the pollution caused by that act, leaving aside the loss of life, most of it civilian.

“Finally, we need to tell our politicians that air strikes are increasing, not lessening the threat of terrorist attacks on our country.

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“Isis thrives on fear and hate and we only defeat them when we persuade the ordinary people that the Isis way is not the way to peace.

“We all detest Isis and what they stand for, but until Syrians are enabled to launch a united front against these militants they will continue to wreak havoc on a desperately beleaguered country and cause great anxiety to the rest of us.”

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