Sir Harry Smith school shut for second day 'amid high levels of Covid-19'

Sir Harry Smith Community College is partially closed today. 

Sir Harry Smith Community College is partially closed today. - Credit: Google Maps

Sir Harry Smith Community College in Whittlesey is closed for the second day in a row due to high levels of Covid-19. 

The partial closure of the school comes after yesterday's closure where the principal felt she had “ no other option”.

The high levels of Coronavirus infections has meant the schools staffing levels has been affected. 

Principal, Dawn White said: "Following on from my letter yesterday regarding the need to partially close the college today due to extremely high levels of staff absence, we now have a clear picture of staff absence."

"Unfortunately, we will need to remain partially closed and will again remain open only to those students in Years 7, 11 and 13.

"All other students will, wherever possible, have live Teams lessons.  Where staff members are not available to teach, work will be set via Teams. 

"I appreciate that again this is not ideal and is not the end to the Spring term that any of us had hoped for.  

"I am very grateful to you as parents and carers and also to our students for the support and adaptability shown during this period of challenge as we pull together as a school community."