Fenland woman tells weight loss story with Slimming World

The newest member of the Fenland team, Vicky Hutchinson, tells her story...

The newest member of the Fenland team, Vicky Hutchinson, tells her story... - Credit: Archant

Local Fenland people have been putting their health and wellbeing first by committing to a healthy lifestyle with the help of Slimming world.

So far this year the local groups have helped hundreds of members.

Helen Moore, local manager, said: “The commitment from our members week in week out in this challenging year has been outstanding and as a result of this we will be offering even more choice of groups than ever before in the local area to help fit into people’s lives and make sure we are always there 52 weeks of the year.

“From January 2018 we will be opening four new groups in the area. A new Wednesday 9.30am group at the rugby club Wisbech from the 3rd with Rachel, a new 7.30pm Thursday evening group at the cricket club in Chatteris from the 4th run by a brand new consultant Vicky. (Read her story below. ) There will also be a 8.30am Saturday morning group at the FE centre in March from the 6th with Nik and finally a 9.30am Monday morning group in Emneth at the local village hall from 8th of January with Carrie.

The newest member of the Fenland team, Vicky Hutchinson, tells her story...

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I joined Slimming World in May 2016 as I was really unhappy with my weight and the way I felt and looked. Over the years prior to 2011

I used to be very active, I’d played football from a young age but more recently for Haddenham Ladies but in May 2011 I sustained a knee injury tearing my Anterior Cruciate

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Knee Ligament leading to an operation. That’s was when my weight spiralled out of control and I piled on the weight.

Following my surgery I would always give the excuse that ‘I couldn’t do much exercise as I had a bad knee’ and all kinds of excuses would arise.

In July 2015 I welcomed my beautiful daughter into this world but as I had fell pregnant at my heaviest weight I knew that I had some serious ‘baby weight’ to lose

plus excess weight I had been carrying over the years, I was desperate not to be an overweight mum! My turning point was my best friend asking me to be her bridesmaid in May 2017, I was ecstatic to be asked but reality came crashing down on me. At the time in 2016 I was feeling very overweight, uncomfortable in anything I would wear and hated being centre of attention especially when I’d take my daughter to baby groups, it was when I decided to join Slimming World.

I walked up to the doors in Sutton feeling very nervous and my initial thoughts were “this isn’t for me” but them thoughts soon turned to a positive when a member asked

me if I wanted a drink and showed me where to sit to wait for Georgina to go through the initial talk. The environment was so warm and welcoming.

I instantly knew I had made the right decision - I am so glad I walked in that door that night in May 2016!

To this day I am absolutely amazed what I can eat and how much of it I can eat and still lose weight! Who would have guessed a fry-up, fish and chips even a homemade curry

would be part of my weekly meals and I don’t have to feel uncomfortable and guilty for eating it. As a family we love eating together and love the different ideas Slimming World have given us.

It has also changed my view on food and I don’t eat by the clock I eat when I’m hungry and have more satisfying meals which has led me to my success! I don’t tend to snack now but if I do I

grab a Hi-Fi bar or a piece of fruit.

In my first week I lost 4lb and I hadn’t stopped eating all week! I started my journey reach a target of 2 stone, I reached this within 21 weeks on the Slimming World plan which

is an average of 1.3lb a week. Still feeling ecstatic with my weight loss the time had come to be bridesmaid and I felt amazing and loved the attention. Also following my success

of losing weight I am very active now, I have found a passion for running and undertook the Race for Life in July of this year, in September completed the 10K Insane

Terrain Course and most recently completed the 5K Ely Festive Fun...I absolute love my new life style and can honestly say I cannot wait until the next event.

I have genuine passion for Slimming World as it has changed my life and I would love to help you all on your journey.

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