Sling the Mesh: European Commission set to release report about TVT mesh devices


- Credit: Archant

The European Commission is due to release a report about its findings on TVT mesh this month.

A seven-year study into TVT mesh erosion is also due to be discussed at an international conference in France from June 9-13. The study, by researchers in the Netherlands, claims 40 per cent of women suffer mesh erosion following the TVT operation.

American surgeon Dr Schlomo Raz said he has removed more than 1,000 TVT tapes following complications. He said removal can cure up to 80 per cent of women – but 20 per cent remain permanently disabled.

American surgeon, Donald Ostergard said in a paper for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2010: “Non-inert polypropylene degrades into potentially toxic compounds that would be expected to stimulate a greater inflammatory reaction leading to erosion.”

In 2011 Marcus Drake, a consultant urological surgeon at Southmead Hospital and visiting professor at the University of the West of England, described TVT chronic pain as a hidden disability.

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Solicitor Dr Victoria Handley, of Handley Law, said: “The issues surrounding TVT stem from a lack of consent, failure to provide alternative treatments in accordance with the NICE guidelines and negligent surgery.

“It is very clear that the GMC guidance on good clinical practice and consent is not being followed by surgeons. Patients must be given a range of choices regarding their treatment and be advised about the risks and complications.

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“This must be a thorough and transparent process to respect patient autonomy. The paternalistic approach that doctors have to recommending mesh as a quick procedure with little risk is negligent. There are risks that are significant to the patient and these need to be communicated.”

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