Sling the Mesh: March woman June had operation in 2012 – and has suffered with pain since

June Smith of March joins the Sling The Mesh campaign

June Smith of March joins the Sling The Mesh campaign - Credit: Archant

June Smith had a TVT operation in May 2012 with a product that was taken off the market a month later.

Mrs Smith, of March, said: “From the outset I wasn’t well – I kept having pain.

“I went back to the hospital in 2013 to have a check-up, because I was still in pain, but they said everything was OK.

“In October 2014 I started getting E. coli infections and the pain was gradually getting worse.

“I went back to see my surgeon and I was booked in to have an operation. In January 2015 I had a piece of the mesh removed.

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“When I saw my surgeon for a follow-up appointment he said I was healing OK and sent me for pain management. I got the impression he was insinuating that my pain was all in my head.

“He also told me the mesh could not be removed.”

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A few weeks later the E. coli infections came back.

She said: “I was in so much pain, I wished I wasn’t here anymore. I have been on antibiotics ever since.

“My doctor wrote to my surgeon because I was so poorly.

“My surgeon then referred me to Sohier Elneil in London to have the mesh removed. I am due to have it removed at the end of June.

“I want this operation stopped. I do not want any other women to go through the nightmare that I have.”

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