Smell from sewage movements in part of March is worse than last summer. Anglian Water still looking into the matter

In response to the letter by R Wade about the smell generated from the movement of biosolids in tipper lorries (May 2).

A letter was submitted in March 2014 asking for this matter to be looked into by Anglian Water on behalf of Estover Road residents.

The reply stated that the “biosolids will now only be transported during daylight hours. All the vehicles are covered to reduce the impact of the odours and local hauliers have been instructed to carry out road sweeping twice a week to ensure that any fallen debris is removed to further reduce the risk of odours”.

We have found that the smell generated by the tipper lorries has increased considerably since last summer. The tipper lorries have a cover which does not seem to contain the smell.

The lorries pass by Estover Playing Field where people are very often in the field enjoying the ‘fresh air’.

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We feel that further mitigation measures need to be taken to alleviate the nuisance and to reduce the negative impact this is definitely having on the local community.

Anglian Water advised by telephone last week that it is still looking into the matter and will get back to us.

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Please write to Anglian Water at PO Box 10642, Harlow, CM20 9HA or e-mail its their website if you wish to make any comment about this issue.


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