So called ‘security’ firm take £6,500 off 86 year-old woman for home alarm and then try to go back for more!


- Credit: Archant

A POLICE inquiry is under way after an 86 year-old woman was pressurised into handing over £6,500 to have an alarm fitted in her home.

Police say the woman, in Ramnoth Road, Wisbech, was visited on Friday by a company offering to install security alarms.

“She was relieved of £6,500 for an alarm,” says an E cops alert sent to residents.

“She was pressured into showing what available balances she had on her credit card and debit card by showing her statements.

“Whilst showing these statements her card details were also taken.”

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Police said she signed a contract and was told she had a seven day cooling off period however her accounts had £6,500 “taken from them over the weekend and during the so called cooling off period.”

Police said further funds were attempted to be taken from the credit card however it was declined by the bank.

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A police spokesman said: “Please do be careful if someone comes to your door.

“Do not give over your bank details and if you feel worried or in danger call the police right away.”

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